What is Antifa and the Alt-Right?

I first want to say, I have tried to stay away from politics on this blog but I feel I need to speak out now…

Unless you were just born and are able to read this post or you live under a rock and get no news whatsoever, then you have heard about the clashes and protests and what happened in Charlottesville, VA.  recently.  Continue reading →

The Strange Cavefish – Prison Break

Our hero Alastair was serving a 25-year sentence for defending the people.

He had wrongfully been put in prison because of all the corruption that the law and justice had become.

Alastair had been given another 20 years for his failed attempt at escaping. Continue reading →

The Strange Cavefish – Rhodes Again

So on Wednesday night, the guards did as they always do, they danced and drank wine and got drunk and passed out.

Just as they had always done in the past year that Alastair had been imprisoned at Domokos on the Island of Rhodes in Greece.

Alastair waited until he didn’t hear the guards any longer, and he made his break for it.

He went into the tunnel that he had dug and dropped down into the cave that ran under the prison.

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The Strange Cavefish – Peril Underground

The year was 1800’s,  the setting was the now closed Domokos prison on the Island of Rhodes in Greece.

Alastair had wrongfully been put into prison for being a defender of the people, he would have been equivalent to a superhero such as Superman, or Spiderman, etc.

He devised a plan to escape the dreary dungeon that he was being held captive at.

He somehow found a spoon like metal object and he began to dig, and he dug and dug and dug. He would dig at night while all were asleep.  Continue reading →

Where I Grew Up – Is Hidden Away Part 9

My grandmother Alice Queen Cox used to tell me all sorts of stories about an old woman that was bound to a wheelchair who lived across the creek from where the little store was on Quick’s Run.

Mamaw claimed this woman was a witch and could do all sorts of unexplainable things. As I remember it her name was Anna Marie, I forgot her last name. She lived across the creek from the store up on the hill.

The old house still stands and was in fairly good condition the last time I was there which was 20+ years ago. It was a two story house with a front porch, the only room that was not in good shape was the kitchen the rest of the house was solid, it was constructed of yellow popular which bugs such as termites won’t bother. Continue reading →

One of My Most Favorite Jobs

As I mentioned in another article I drove a tractor trailer for 18 years. It was a very demanding job and it was not a job that everybody could do. To make money driving a truck back when I started in 1996 you had to keep the driver’s door shut.

This means you needed to keep driving and only stop when you absolutely had to – and continue to drive as hard and do it as legal as you could.

I had several different truck driving jobs during my career I liked most of them. There were only about three of those jobs that I absolutely loved. One of those jobs was pulling a “coal bucket” that is the slang name for an end dump trailer.

I started off at that job driving an International Cab Over tractor with a 350 Cummings engine with the fuel turned up to the max. Continue reading →

Where I Grew Up – Is Hidden Away Part 8

I think today I want to talk a little bit about my little country church I attend -Aills Christan Church- not as much as I should or want to attend but nonetheless, I do go sometimes.

My little country church is the same one that I grew up in, it’s located on Quick’s Run Road. My parents still go every time the doors are open.

My earliest memory that I can recall is getting out of the Sunday School Class and going to sit with my Aunt Doris Osman, I miss her dearly she passed away a long time ago but I have never forgotten her.

To this day people still sit basically the same pews every Sunday. Ours was always the very back pew on the left-hand side of the church.

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I’m Not Where I Used To Be

As bad as I hate to admit it, I’m not where I used to be. I am getting old and what goes along with getting old I don’t like.  I used to like to be outside for hours at a time. Now I don’t even like to be outside long enough to walk to the car.

I have basically turned into that mean old man that lives across the street. The one that doesn’t like kids on his lawn doesn’t like nosey neighbors and so on and so forth. I used to love fishing, hunting, hiking, camping I was very into the outdoor activities. But once I got hurt that pretty much ended my love for the outdoors. That happened back in 2005 and here it is 2017.

I had allowed myself to go, I had given up and now I am paying for it. I have many aches and pains, along with many health issues. I blame a lot of it on me being a truck driver for 18 years, that is a very hard life to live. Sitting and driving for 10 or 11 hours a day or more sometimes. Continue reading →

My First Deer Hunting Experience

My first deer hunting experience wasn’t a very good one. I was probably 15 or 16 years old. The week before I was very excited as we prepared our mobile deer camp. No this was not a camper or a motor home. It was an old bread truck that had been converted into a camper, it slept probably 9 or 10 people.

No this was not a camper or a motor home. It was an old bread truck that had been converted into a camper, it slept probably 9 or 10 people.

We cleaned it up getting ready to move it to where we were “camping”. And the thing had to be towed to its destination.

The gun that I was using was a single shot 12 gauge that kicked like a mule and wasn’t very accurate over 50 or 60 yards.  I got all my stuff packed up and I headed up to my hunting buddies house.

Then we jumped in his Bronco and headed down to the camp site. Continue reading →